Quote: “since there is everything, this is what I make of it…”

what does MFG mean in your Label

mfg Karen Lukas indeed means: mit freundlichen Grüssen Karen Lukas (with kind regards, Karen Lukas); the envelope is my icon, so to speak, and thus symbolises the correspondence between product and recipient and ultimately the correspondence from me to you. The personal touch runs through the entire corporate identity and my work.

what drives you as a Designer

I take the freedom and have issued myself – la carte blanche – in ideas and implementation. Independence from the system of the industry goes hand in hand with this.
The blanc page – everything becomes visible from it…

In the course of my work, three themes have manifested : Transparency / Mirror / Black to White

what makes your Design / Ideas stand out

I associate and sort things anew. Things are rethought out of their usual context. I take elements and place them anew. What is seen is seen anew, a journey of discovery at second glance.
In my own way.
Sometimes a sleeve slips down the trouser leg and yet it remains a pair of trousers —- for example > THE SLEEVE-INVESTIGATION … a very good argument for the umpteenth pair of black trousers.
… you’ll find them here because you didn’t look for them.

I literally exploit my ideas by thinking further consistendly.
See for example – “THE SRARVESFAMILY- the Lapel-Collar- Scarf was the “mother thought”. Everything in its place. The scarf around the neck, the collar where it usually is, just not part of the jacket. This gives the scarf another function. More than an accessory; almost an item of clothing. And this scarf has turned into a family, which grows and grows …

why does everything like to be black to white ( like you say)

both colours are like the blank page for me > you can tear it, reassemble it – fold it or crumple it – and write or paint on it, but everything you do with it becomes especially visible because it is white or black. Nothing distracts from the idea. The result gets all the subtle attention. And so, it forms a bond with the wearer, and nothing is covered up by superfluous things, along with one’s own personality.

you don´t only make clothes, right?

you allude to THE ZIPPPATCHCARPET ? Yes, it’s great, because it’s a carpet consisting of 50×50cm patches, which can be zipped together on the 4 sides to form a new surface according to your needs and space. If you have two patches, they can be zipped together to form a cushion (see: THE ZIPPPATCHCUSHION), if you have six patches, you can zip together a cube (see: THE ZIPPPATCHSEAT).

is there somthing that always resonates in your work

Transparency: transparency: allows a second look and the discovery of what lies behind.
The mirror: as an important reflector and as colour (it’s all in there).
The colours black to white: serve the thought/idea, as a perfect basis for the representation of the result.

High-quality craftsmanship while maintaining the freedom to rethink and question my craft with a design.
Responsibility production and handling of resources.

how woud you create a collection with this approach

It is a constantly growing collection. Everything will exist permanently. Without season.
Orders or small series are possible.
And I design individual ones for you.

how woud you describe your design

timeless, independent, clear;resonable, witty

and your clientele

curious, stylish, sophisticated, individual, great

how do I find your pieces

visit me in my studio/showroom or at an event you hear about in the newsletter. Visit this page; write me and we’ll find each other. Subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram

online shop?

maybe/let’s see … probably – it´s a must :)

what do you like to do most

finding instead of searching

Karen Lukas