THE Sleeves i n v e s t i g a t i o n

enquiring; revealing; uncovering

- Here, i explored the assumption that a sleeve is a piece of fabric attached to a garment that serves to cover, conceal or protect the arm or arms.

My ‘research objects’; the classic jacket sleeve and the classic blouse sleeve show that by twisting, enlarging, deconstructing, reconstructing a sleeve can also be found on the trouser leg or be a trouser leg, or a dress or or or

- 1 – Jacket-Sleeve-Trousers
- 2 – UpsidedownBlouse-Sleeves-Top
- 3 – UpsidedownBlouse-Sleeves-Skirt
- 4 – UpsidedownBlouse-Sleeves-Trousers
- 5 – UpsidedownBlouse-Sleeves-Dress
- 6 – Sleeves-Trousers
- 7 – Blouse-Sleeves-Trousers

…is constantly being continued